Sharon Bruneau: From Fashion to Fitness

Sharon Bruneau: From Fashion to Fitness

Sharon Bruneau's tall, slim, and beautiful figure allowed her to work as a fashion model when she was young, but at the same time she was always very physical and active. One day, she opened a bodybuilding magazine and saw a picture of bodybuilding champion First Olympia, Rachel McClish. Soon he was in the gym trying to develop the same aesthetic muscles and shape.

"Bodybuilding for women just started in the 1980s, "says Bruneau," But I quickly switched from being a fashion model to a training become a competitive bodybuilder.

There is no type of exercise that completely changes the shape of the muscle, except that it can make the muscle fibers bigger. Since Bruneau began to get muscular, his long, thin body remained with him as he grew.

As impressive as he was, Bruneau admits he is aware of his body – however, this was once the case, at a time when physical activity like this was still rare. Also, she is used to fashion models. So while he was in beach with bikini, he didn't just think everyone was looking at him – they were!

But he finally got to the point where he entered and won the game bodybuilding competition and immediately qualify as an IFBB pro. Bruneau has also become very popular among fans and featured in the cover of most magazines, especially Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness. As a Native American woman, she proudly represents her legacy in the fitness industry.

At one point, Bruneau, one of the most popular female bodybuilders of the time, began to see herself as "too big." Any of us tends to see ourselves differently than we think the other world does, and self-doubt can be the hardest obstacle to overcome. So even though he continued to practice and have photo sessions, at one point Bruneau was no longer pursuing his goals and ambitions.

"Looking back," he said, "I don't know where this insecurity comes from. At this point, I like how I looked during my career. So, I know now that I'm retired too early." the importance of self-love for future generations.

"When I work with young women now," says Bruneau, "I have always emphasized the need to be honest with myself and pursue your dreams. "

Here are some pictures that I was lucky enough to take in Bruneau.

Bill Dobbins is a legendary bodybuilder and founding editor FLEX magazine.

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